Consultancy Services

Consulting Services

(helping you to avoid business mistake)

BIN NABAT is dedicated to the growth and success of the specialty coffee industry. The focus of our consulting company is to assist any individual in all aspect of creating new coffee businesses and to provide counseling beneficial to existing cofffee business operations.
Our only objective is to maximize your chances for success in your business. We work for our clients with the same passion if their businesses were our own.

Are you interested in opening a coffee shop? or drive thru?

Do you own a coffee shop?

Is your coffee business realizing its full profit potential?

“Bin Nabat can help you fine tune your coffee business”

The coffee consultancy services we offer to our clients are as follows:
• Concept & Branding Development
• Logo and Coffee Shop Name Development
• Project Design and Lay Out
• Creation of a Presentation Coffee Business Plan
• Menu Development, Costing & Pricing
• Coffee Shop Operation Manual Writing
• Business Pre-Opening Financial Evaluation
• Barista Basic & Advanced Training
• Management Evaluation & Training
• Staff Hiring & Training
• Assistance with Business Location Selection
• Marketing Strategy
• Franchising
• Coffee & Food Service Equipment Selection
• Consumable Products Recommendation
• Assists in Small Wares Order
• Store Opening & Employee Training
• Equipment Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Creating and Developing your Concept

It is essential to optimize your chance for success. We have watched the specialty coffee industry grow from its inception. We know what typically works, and what does not. We understand how to help our clients position their coffee businesses so they will have a competitive advantage for years to come. Bin Nabat Coffee shop consultancy is on the cutting edge of specialty coffee industry trends and we can create your own profitable concept

Creation of Coffee Business Plan

A presentation of coffee business plan serves as your “calling card” when you are seeking a location for your business and a simply a resume of your proposed business. This business plan is created to explain and illustrate the vision you have for your business, and persuade others to help you achieve that vision. It is very important to be able to present your business concept in a way that allows others to understand quickly and precisely what you hope to be doing. If well written, it describe in detail the type of business you are proposing, including what you will serve, who your customers are, and who will be managing your business.
Basically there are two types of business plan that create for clients who are looking to open their own coffee shop business. Both business plans are designed to help you develop your business from conceptualization to opening day.
The first type of business plan you will need is a Business Concept Presentation Plan. It is a business plan which are typically 10-to30 pages long, and basically describe your business concept, products and menu, principals (owners and key management), target market, trends in the industry, marketing strategy etc. This business plan contains no financial projections or financial statements.
The second type of business plan is a Full Financial Business Plan. Typically, you will need a Full Financial Business plan to borrow money from a bank, or to entice investor to lend you money. It contains all the elements of the concept presentation plan, but primarily it examines in-depth what total cost of your project will be, when the project will turn a profit and what level of return you can expect.

Assistance in Business location Selection

The selection of your location may be the most important decision you will ever make relating to the success of your coffee shop business. Demographics of the surrounding are, proximity to coffee consuming populations location visibility, attractiveness, ease of access, parking, projected cost for capital improvements, and proposed rent factors are all of crucial importance when selecting a location. From our office, we can provide guidance based upon information supplied by you via phone, e-mail, videos, photos and published materials, OR we can travel to your place to personally evaluate any locations under considerations, assess areas advantageous to coffee business development, and provide insights and education so that you may better identify locations which possess characteristics favorable to retail coffee shop business.

Menu Development, Costing and Pricing

How will you present your menu of beverage and food products to your customer, what will you charge for them? We make sure that items are logically categorized for quick identification and ordering. Most importantly, we not only cost your menu items so that your prices are competitive, but we will also provide you with beverage cost that will position your business with the necessary margin for profitability. Bin Nabat will provide you a complete menu planning and costing. See sample below.









demitasse 3 oz) 

1 oz of espresso / 7 grams

Extract espresso

Serve immediately

Demitass e 3 oz



7 Dhs



(demitasse 3 oz)

1 oz of espresso

/ 7 grams

1 1/2 oz

steamed milk 

0.5 g cocoa  


Extract espresso 

Add steamed milk .13 

Top w/ cocoa powder



3 oz





8 Dhs


(Mug 12 oz) 

2 oz of espresso  

/ 14 grams

8 oz hot water 

Extract espresso

Add hot water


12 oz



10 Dhs

Barista Training ( Coffee Maker )

Because your reputation depends on consistent quality, a highly trained staff producing superior drinks is critical to the success of your specialty coffee business. No matter how good your marketing program, it can’t overcome the mistakes that are inevitable if your staff members don’t have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of coffee grinding, espresso extraction and milk texturing.
A knowledgeable and enthusiastic barista can dramatically raise the bar or coffee shop income when it comes to the quality of beverages preparation and service. Your customer will notice when they are greeted by a friendly, enthusiastic professional. We will teach your staff to serve better espresso beverages, quickly and efficiently, and at the same time create an inviting atmosphere that encourages repeat customers. Our standard courses cover ranging from basic barista course to advanced espresso-preparation techniques and showmanship. All Bin Nabat Barista training programs utilized experiential instructional techniques based on modern cognitive theory. In addition to encouraging rapid learning, our interactive approach is also highly motivating. Regardless of which Barista training program you choose, professionalism, product knowledge, skill-building and hospitality are emphasized in all of our sessions.

Management Training and Evaluation

If you or your manager cannot achieve the desired operational and financial goals for your specialty coffee business, then perhaps you could benefit from learning the principles of basic food service management from someone who has enjoyed years of success in managing food service operations

Development of Operational System and Procedures

(operations manual writing)

Managing thousand of variables that are essential to profitability is typically the most difficult challenge faced by the business owner and manager. We possess years of food service operations experience. We can help you create operational systems and teach you the fundamentals of food service business management. Don’t let your business control you, learn how to control your business! Bin Nabat can provide you Standard Operations Manual like:
❖ Coffee Shop Operations Manual
❖ Employees Manual (Handbook)
❖ Accounts Manual Procedures

Hiring the Right People and Training them Properly

Hiring highly qualified personnel is the key to your success. Your store, equipment and products are only tools. It is your employees who will differentiate you from your competition. Will they provide superior customer service? Will they understand how to properly prepare and handle your gourmet products? How will you find the right people and train them properly? We can supply all your labor requirement that includes proper training for each position. Bin Nabat had a database of trained manpower for coffee shop business.

Coffee and Food Service Equipment Selection

We can connect you with companies that we have observed to be the most reputable distributors of quality espresso equipment in the industry. Because we can at times personally negotiate for you with the direct importers of espresso equipment, we can often save you hundreds-if not thousand of Riyals on your equipment purchase. We will help you select manufacturers/suppliers and model of food service equipment that are recognized for quality, dependability, and service. We will then present your selections to multiple reputable food service equipment distributors to help you achieve competitive pricing.

Consumable Products Recommendations

The most effective way to stave off competition is to use the finest coffee and food products. At Bin Nabat, we are on the cutting edge of what is new and hot in the specialty coffee business. We can provide you with list of best products available along with phone numbers for suppliers/manufacturers. Samples will be available of all suggested products and then decide for yourself.

Marketing Strategies

You may have the greatest business in the world, but if few people know about it, you will not be successful. You may have great coffee, friendly, attentive employees, a beautiful ambiance in your coffee bar, but if people do not patronized your establishment, it will fail. Marketing your business properly is one of the most important skills you will need to learn and master. At Bin Nabat we can develop your strongest marketing strategies to make sure that customers will be satisfied, will come for repeat business with your coffee shop and most important is to increase your bottom line which is the revenue. We design your one year marketing calendar and develop your local store marketing

Store Opening and Employee Training

(Pre-opening and Grand Opening Assistance – 3 Days training on site)

Reduce or eliminate the anxiety related to opening your specialty coffee business with help from n expert consultant. We will help you tie up all the loose ends prior to opening, and then assist you through your opening day. We will train you and your employees to prepare beverages properly, and to delver good customer service. We will help you formulate a game plan for your first months of business to ensure that you get started correctly. We will discuss overall marketing and help you set up systems that will save you hundreds of hours in the future. We’ll make sure that your first impression is a good one!