A knowledgeable and enthusiastic barista can dramatically raise your coffee business in terms of the quality beverage preparation and service. Your customers will notice the difference with they are greeted by a friendly, enthusiastic professional, creating an inviting atmosphere and encouraging repeat customers.
country devoted to coffee business education and hand-on barista training. At our academy students learn the fundamentals of successful coffee business management and proper beverage and food preparation techniques both in classroom and lab environments. The Academy has set new standards in Coffee and Café education, using the latest equipments and facilities.
Bin Nabat Coffee Academy provides an arena for large corporations to learn more about specialty coffee. Our knowledge of the specialty coffee industry and our expertise in marketing and public relations make us the logical choice for companies looking to expand or develop their own programs.

Benefits for Coffee Business Owners

Increased Sales.
Reduced Cost.
Enhanced Profitability.
Unique Identity.

Benefits for Coffee Business Management

Increased Productivity and Efficiency.
Better Staff Morale.
Improved Safety.
Lower Staff Turnover.
Prolonged Equipment Life.

Benefits for Your Customer

Enhanced Service Experience.
Product Consistency.
Better Tasting Product.


• Start- up – Business Training & Barista Training.
• (For owners and managers)
• Basic Barista Training
• Advanced Barista Training
• Latte Art Training
• Customer Relation Seminar
• Food Safety & hygiene
As a trainee of Bin Nabat Coffee Academy you have truly gained the knowledge you will need to be successful in the world of specialty coffee.